Let’s Play Outlast – Part 15

After 15 parts, we finally finish Outlast, and it was a hell of a ride. Check out the last video in the series, where I give my overall thoughts on the game, and watch out for Outlast: Whistleblower, coming next week!



Hey Dave, it’s been fun watching you running around screaming like a baby… lol.

Considering that it’s a game I would likely never play myself I found interesting to see it through your eyes. Your analysis of the story and game mechanics gave me a perspective on the game I would not have considered myself. The video format worked great, a few sections still made me feel uneasy with the camera movements but that’s just me I think. 30 min is a good length, I could watch your reviews easily during breaks at work.

As for my personal opinion on the game, I found the game to be very repetitive at times and I’m glad the final chapter had a different look with the secret lab thing. Once you have seen your first dozen of mutilated corpses.. well the 50 other dozens carry less impact. Maybe they should have revealed all of this gore more progressively.. but then there would be a risk of the whole thing to become boring…
One thing I think they could have done is give our character a companion, even for a short period of time to allow different game mechanics. After introducing this character they could have killed it off brutally, reinforcing the sense of despair of the main protagonist. Feels like a missed opportunity.

You did not really comment the ending sequence in your review, what did you think of it? I’m a little disappointed by the abrupt ending that does not leave room for anything else. “Bam, you’re dead”, kinda lame when you consider everything this poor guy has been through.


Thank you, sir!

I like your idea regarding a temporary companion. That could have been interesting and, done well, it could have also addressed some of my issues with the quest system.


Nice work on this game Dave, it was great to watch!

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