Let’s Play Outlast – Part 12

It’s this edition of Let’s Play Outlast, we finally make our way to the female ward, lose and break our camera, get the crap scared out of us, and hit up a new part of the asylum. Good times!

Also, this one ended up being a little shorter than normal because I forgot to start the timer on my video. Sometimes I’m an idiot.



Good one Dave! The broken lens effect is cool, you must indeed be getting close to the end as I doubt the game designers would force people to play with this type of effect for too long. Loosing the camera was an interesting twist… but getting killed once again by the ugly dude is getting old.


Yeah, I really hope I don’t have too much longer with this busted-ass camera. We’ll see, I guess.

And yeah, that ugly guy kills me in damn near every episode. It’s exhausting.

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