Let’s Play Outlast – Part 4

Our Let’s Play Outlast series continues as we delve deeper into Mount Massive Asylum. Sadly, a lot of that delving is done in the showers, but what can you do? On the plus side, we do a lot less hiding in lockers this time around.



Well… you did say that if you tried to do this yourself you would fall and break your leg. Tell me, did you really slip on ice or where you trying to replay outlast for real?

About the game… I’m starting to find it a bit repetitive. I mean… more gore, more creepiness.. more crazy naked dudes… The game could use a change of tone and environment. You know, maybe just to give the player a false feeling of security, just to scare the hell out of him even more when least expected. As we go deeper into this freakish maze of bloody cells there is not much that you don’t see coming from miles away.


Man, I wish I had broken my leg playing Outlast for real rather than falling when getting the mail. That’s a lot cooler story.

It is losing the novelty/scariness, isn’t it?

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