Let’s Play Outlast Part 2

Hey hey, it’s time for Part 2 of my Let’s Play of the survival horror game Outlast. It’s a couple days late, because I completely screwed up the recording the first time around. Basically, it recorded me opening the game, then I accidentally stopped it like an idiot. So, yeah, I had to replay a bit of the game, which means it wasn’t quite as scary the second time around. I still did my best to be terrified though.

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Hey Dave, thanks for trying to slow down on the mouse movements. Unfortunately I can’t say it helped a lot but that’s probably just me, when I’m not in control the movements make me very quickly nauseous… and the gore isn’t helping either I guess!
Anyway, I did manage to watch this second session and I found it fun! At last things are starting to become interesting. I don’t think I would enjoy playing this game as the feeling of being helpless all the time would frustrate me very quickly.. but watching someone else in the situation is quite fun.


It is a frustrating style of gameplay, but I think that’s intentional. I dunno though.

Sorry to hear this is till making you queasy. I can see what you mean, I’ve known a few people who have a hard time watching stuff like that.

And the plot is definitely thickening. I’m looking forward to playing again soon to see what happens next.

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