Technical Difficulties

So today’s comic is going to, well, not be here. My camera battery died and I had to order another. It was supposed to get here yesterday, but didn’t. If it comes early enough to charge and get an episode shot; I’ll post, otherwise we’ll return on Monday.

Sorry for the unannounced delay.



I think I see the problem: Your camera “batter” reached it’s exipre-by date! 😀


I’d like to know what Dave is doing putting some batter in his camera 😀


The other thing is, with digital cameras being cheap nowadays it might be time to look at grabbing an updated model anyway, or heck, start learning to use your mobile phone’s built-in camera! 😀


Oh I have a pretty good camera. It’s a DSLR (Nikon D5200). The battery just died for whatever reason.


Fuckin’.. Get on it Dave! I’m not paying you for nothing! I’m not paying you because I want more comics.

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