The Walking Dead Season IV Trailer at ComiCon



Indeed. Looks like they’re really straying from the comic here, which I fully embrace.


Same world, similar characters, different story…

I like it!


Indeed. I’ve already read (some of) the comics. I like that this isn’t an exact copy.

Eric at a LEGO a Day

Wow! This looks to be a fantastic season! If the season ends the way I think it will, it might not be as far off the comics as you think.


I’m trying to figure out where you’re going with this, but I’m coming up with nothing. I’m also quite a bit behind in the comics, so I’d imagine that’s why (or maybe my memory just isn’t that great).


Look like a few more zombies this season and it only took two raids to build up their defenses.


I’m happy to see more zeds, myself. They’re always fun.

just a guy

in season 3 it kinda looked liked they had the zeds under control


okay….dale,shane,lori,t-dog,oscar,axel,andrea….whos next?


Very good question. As much as I’d hate to say it, I’m thinking Glenn or Maggie.


One of the four that have to abandon the car in the trailer above… nah, that’s too obvious.

Mind you, imagine the reaction if they kill off Daryl or Michonne early season.


Just re-watched the trailer, anyone else notice that Herschel seems two have two legs in one of the shots? Maybe they found some prosthetics?

I like how the zombies are becoming the main threat again… human versus human (season 3) didn’t excite me that much as I can see human versus human in many other TV/Movie watches.

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