Zombie Movie Review: Warm Bodies

So the movie Warm Bodies. I will start with this – If you’re a diehard zombie movie fan you have my permission to leave. This movie isn’t for you. It’s Twilight with zombies, and not the zombies we know and love. However, if the misses is pestering you to watch a chick-flick with her, you could do a lot worse than this amusing little concept.

Warm Bodies is clearly trying to ride on the back of the vampire romance genre, but substitutes vampires with the walking dead and mixes in a bit of comedy for good measure.

Vampire love (or necrophilia as I call it) kind of works, I’m guessing it’s because they don’t really look dead. With an actual dead man the idea just seems a little more difficult to stomach.

Having a zombie as the lead character makes for some interesting viewing, and you really get an idea of the conflict a flesh eating former human has to go through.  Other than this concept, the movie doesn’t really break from the usual rom-com setup, and gets pretty predictable rather quickly.

Warm Bodies - zombie movie review

Its only saving grace for me was the opening sequence, which was fantastic.

If you want a switch your brain off style movie, or looking to convert a zombie hater to the genre this movie is a good start, otherwise I’d probably give it a miss.

Grade: 2 zombie heads out of five



I had absolutely zero desire to see this one. It just looks and sounds painful. The whole thing reeks of “Hey, let’s take two things that are popular and artlessly mash them together to make a new popular thing.”

Dan B.

I did enjoy it for what it was, a gimmicky comedy aimed at teens… funny in parts, but predictable… I would recommend it if you can go in with the right expectations, otherwise, don’t waste your time.

And my 12 and 18 year old girls really loved it, so that alone was worth it (I’m a sucker for both my girls).


I can see the teens enjoying this one – like I said it is trying to piggy back the twilight genre


The thing I liked about this movie was the locations & the little tid bits of humor it had. For the rest of it I was like ‘Yeah it’s a typical angsty love story’.


Saw this one in the plane… maybe it’s the jet lag but I did enjoy it! I have to agree with Mark, the opening sequence is the best part.

Silver Fox

I’m still curious enough to go see it. Even if the idea of zombie love doesn’t quite well.

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