Zombie Book Review: Murphy’s Law

I have been burned by middle episode of many a movie trilogy. I mean, let us not discuss Star Wars Episode II. They are the bridge between what excited us about the first movie and the climax we so hungrily await in the third installment. They introduce characters that are important to the overall story and move us closer to the conclusion but tend to lack any real entertainment value on their own.

But we are not discussing a movie in this review. We are discussing Murphy’s Law: Road Less Traveled Book II by C. Dulaney. The best second episode I’ve read in a trilogy in a long time. Not only does Dulaney reference enough of the previous book to keep you on track with the characters but also gives us a strong independent story that feels more like a cross over than a sequel.

Kasey’s battle against deadheads hits the road as she and her companions track down escaped prisoners who have kidnapped two of their own. This is a carry over from the The Plan; the first book in the trilogy, but is merely a ploy to get them on the road. The focus stays within the group as they find protection at a prison, search for their taken and defend the prison against a massive horde. There are even military personnel thrown in near the end for good measure.

Told in the first person perspective of Kasey, Dulaney’s use of West Virginia colloquialisms for this narrative is so very entertaining. Background information is suddenly more interesting in Kasey’s voice and helps to fill out her personality nicely.  We find that she is a strong character who is not afraid to fight for her people. I loved that, at times, it was easy to think of Kasey as a man instead of as a woman. She does have a soft core but her protective nature and fearless approach to outsiders felt more like a man’s way of thinking. Although she does have a love interest, this slight androgyny makes Kasey more attractive as a leader. Dulaney also uses a third-person voice when telling the story from the perspective of any other character. Although I was thrown by this at first, I found it to be a great way to make Kasey that much more endearing to the reader.

Let’s talk undead. Defrosting and slow-moving, hoards of zombies fill the hills of West Virginia. Gross! Awesome! I love the idea of walkers coming back after spending a winter frozen stiff; pun intended. That they are able to just wake up again again is way scary for me. There are runners peppered in there for good measure but they must be new to the series as the group has never seen runner before. Runners scare the crap out of me so this was an added bonus.

Final word? Fantastic! I loved the characters, the setting and the great story that Dulaney has put together. He does a great job of closing the story from book one and giving us a sneak peak at possibilities for book three. This is more than most middle books are able to accomplish and props to Dulaney for doing it so well.

Grade: 4 zombies heads out of 5



Awesome review, Angie. I quite liked the first book in the series. I’m going to have to check this out one of these days.


thanks and you really should. I want to read book 1 and three. Andy anything else he’s written.

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