BricksoftheDead Special Announcement: Zombies Gone Wild! An Anthology

Discipline broke much sooner than it should have. As several waves of them stalled upon the wire, a shot rang out, then another, and before long the entire line was firing into the men from the fog. –  The Horrors of Trench Warfare by Dave


Our very own Dave has just had a short story published this week. It’s called The Horrors of Trench Warfare and its a great story taking place in the eerie fog of WWI trench warfare. I am incredibly proud of Dave for getting published and I hope everyone will stop by amazon and pick up a copy for the modest sum of $2.99.

In all there is 26 stories racking up to 326 pages total. Thats a lot of bang for your buck and if you’re not the type for E-Readers you’ll soon have the option of a hard copy. I got my own copy pretty early and have enjoyed every story that I have read so far. If you like zombies stories in a variety of forms than this is for you.

Congratulations Dave!

Pick up a copy here!



You need to read Joe Lansdale’s On the Far Side with Dead Folks. It has a post-apocalyptic western theme; and the saloon uses fresh zombies for *ahem* “party” girls.


Now freshly “turned” zombie may still be a little “pert” but one that has started to fall apart at the seams…….no thanks 😀


I believe it’s a parody of girls gone wild. Cheap digital video of wild-ass zombies.

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