Zombie Book Review: This Dark Earth

This book looks like something I would pick for myself to read. The cover has wording from the book that kind of made me think it may be satirical: “Grab your head-knocker and get ready for some wet work in the murderhole!” However, I found just a few pages into this book that was not the case at all.

It’s a swing and a miss. The author tried to write a smart apocalypse book and he completely left out any sort of decent characterization. I did not feel any connection to any character. Yes, most of them are super cold and hardasses, but I can name a number of such characters from other books that I would take a bullet for (in fiction-land… of course.) Honestly it isn’t that smart, either. I found myself setting it down to go watch my laundry spin in the dryer.

Let me elaborate on the feeling expressed above. Jacobs jumps back and forth from different character’s view points so much (each chapter) that it is sometimes impossible to tell who we’re following. As mentioned in my past reviews I am not generally a fan of jumping from character to character. However, many authors have done it seamlessly and it really enhanced the story and characterization for me. In this book it takes even more away from what little characterization is there.

The plot is pretty simple. Lucy is a doctor who is working in the ER when everything falls apart. She manages to escape from a firefight the government was leading and met up with a man named “Knock-Out.” They both eventually find their way to Lucy’s house and pick up her son. From there the book jumps to their little town. We’re introduced to all the safety measures they have and how they are living off the grid (the non-existent grid, of course).

Everyone is happy until, of course, the villains appear. They’re “slavers.” The name tells everything you need to know about them. Not very original but I suppose that is what would happen in that situation. The slavers pose a threat and, of course, living humans end up being the biggest threat to their little community.

I may just be spoiled by my other favorite authors, I don’t know. Perhaps this book would be enjoyed by those new to reading zompoc books.

It is worth a read just to see what you think about it as I have read other reviews for it and not everyone shares my sentiments. This is not a book I will re-read, though.




Thank you Tiff for the review, too bad this one did not live up to your expectations. It does not sound like it’s something for me either, jumping from one character’s view point to the other usually puts me off very quickly too.


Thanks for the review, although it seems like an awful high rating for a book you didn’t like. 🙂


The high rating is because it it could have been a great story…. had he written it differently. There was lots of try… but no success. 😉

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