Supernatural Book Review: 14

Peter Clines’ 14 takes us far away from our beloved undead and thrusts us into a supernatural mystery. The book takes place in modern time in the City of Angels. The main character, Nate, is the latest tenant in The Kavach building. It’s an older building in LA hosting those of modest income should they pass an application.

Right away Nate notices something is a bit odd about his apartment. Further exploration of his floor only leads to more odd discoveries. Soon enough Nate begins meeting neighbors who all have something else to share they have discovered. Fascinated, Nate becomes obsessed with the building but quickly learns that  there are those who want these secrets kept hidden.

Since early commentary started popping out about 14, people started comparing it to the TV show LOST.  I suppose I can see that in certain areas but this book is it’s own story. The book is engaging and immerses you in supernatural mystery. With most mystery thrillers you might find yourself reading for a big payoff at the end. 14 isn’t like that. It earns your time with little payoffs as you go, not just the big payoff at the end. For every new question you’re giving an answer leaving you enthusiastically hungry for more.  The suspense never stops and neither does the growing enthusiasm to read the next page.

If I had to describe 14 in one word I would say it’s “balanced”. The subplots are just as balanced to the main plot as the supporting characters are to the main character, Nate. Everything has its place unless it’s cleverly misplaced, everything is adds to the story. The pacing is superb never stalling for even a single sentence.

14 is a wholly original story that weaves together mystery and the apocalypse like a finely tuned band. As an avid reader I forever enjoy the challenge of picking apart a books secrets ahead of time. I was pleasantly stumped with 14 never getting a predictive sneak peak into what was ahead.

Even with its depth and challenging story arcs, the book was an easy read. Sometimes something with so many moving parts can get lost in itself leaving the reader confused or overwhelmed thus turning bored. I never felt that way here.

Once the story has finally settled down and everything seems to be getting cleared up, the table cloth is pulled out, moving the story along in a new direction.

I have been a fan of Peter Clines since EX-Heroes came out. It was a good book but this is simply great. This was a good change in style of books from Permuted Press and one I hope they embrace. Then again, maybe they have always wanted a something like 14 and just haven’t gotten it until now.

I know Peter Clines is happily clicking away churning out EX-Communication but honestly I am eagerly awaiting more books like this.

Grade: 5 zombie head out of 5

Check out Peter Clines blog on writing and his publisher Permuted Press.



This is number 4 on my “Have To Read” list and I may have to bump it up. lol


This is one of my top three Permuted books. It’s a fantastic change of pace.

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