Game Review: Night of the Living Dead Defense

Based on the Night of the Living Dead franchise, game makers SGN  offered up a tower defense style game. If you’ve never played this style, you will soon as its an ever increasing format that is perfectly suited for the small screen of a phone.

In this format you’re presented you are presented with a maze like map. At specific positions you have are able to to present some sort of tower that will be fighting the enemies as they make their way through the maze to the goal. In Living Dead Defense the towers are humans armed with various weapons that have various effects on the undead horde.  As you can see in the below picture the bunkers are areas on this particular map that humans can be placed. You’ll also see the rats and bats making their way to the end. Each one that makes it past those humans costs a life. Once the lives hit zero, game over.

In all there are 12 gunners that can be purchased providing different abilities against the ground and air enemies. Each gunner cost money as well as upgrading them to their maximum effect. In the beginning of each map you have a small sum of money to purchase defenses and with each kill your money increases.

The game is split into two sections. You can either play a campaign in a sitting somewhat based on the original 1968 Night of the Living Dead or a modern setting called the Texas Campaign.

I can’t really say I prefer one campaign over the other as both are pretty enjoyable and very difficult.

For gameplay on a phone its very impressive the quality of graphics that they packed into this. Although as you can imagine it drains the battery pretty fast so its best to play with the phone plugged in or avoid it if you won’t be able to recharge anytime soon.

I have seen this price anywhere between free to $1.99 and I know the version I got was free from the Apple App Store. In lieu of money my version has ads which were unobtrusive and didn’t bother me at all. There is much to complain about although I do wish the game was longer. I would be perfectly happy paying for a DLC to add on some more maps. This game is incredibly challenging but I think I finished it in a total of three hours if I recall.

Grade: 3.5 zombie heads out of 5

This game is available for purchase through iTunes and Night of the Living Dead Defense was developed for handheld platforms and is available for both the iPhone and Android.



Sounds pretty interesting. I never got too into tower defense, but they’re fun for a bit.


Theyre the perfect smart phone game IMO. Greatest bathroom stall work avoidance time killer ever. Play till your lower body goes numb!


I’m a sudoku fan myself but killing zeds works too.


This sounds way fun! My son plays a similar game on my Kindle with bugs in a garden. The carnage looks to be a bit much but then he does play MW2 with his dad so whatever.


The COD games lack the amount of gore that is needed to become a real man.. Let him play the early Fallout games (1, and 2).


These games can be very addictive.. I’d gladly give this one a try but not until until Apple figures out a way to manage multiple users on 1 device, I don’t want my 4yo to try this anytime soon!

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