Movie Review: Severed – Forest of the Dead

As the title suggests, Severed: Forest of the Dead takes the outbreak story out of the city and into the more remote location of a forest community.

We learn right away that a logging company has secretly begun bio-engineering experiments on trees to improve growth without the knowledge of the loggers, who are going about their work cutting down trees. The third group in play is environmental protesters who have been known to sabotage the equipment.

While using a chainsaw, something malfunctions and worker gets cut, allowing some bio-engineered sap to seep into the wound, turning the worker into the walking dead. Quickly turned, he starts tearing into his crew, which begins the greater outbreak. Days go by and, once the corporate office realizes they have lost contact with the camp, the owner sends his son and heir apparent out to check on the crews and resolve any issues that has come about.

Backwoods Zombie Loggers from Hell!

Right out of the gate I will say this movie got extra points from me for not doing the tired “zombie comedy” thing and actually putting effort into making a real horror movie. While I love the humor found in ZombieLand and Shaun of the Dead, there are dozens of zombie movies that become a failed parody in a disastrous attempt at being entertaining without a good story to build around. I am not sure what it is about the slew of modern zombie movies that are still left in behind using the 80’s B movie horror comedy template, but I look forward to the day when the trend dies and we must all hope it never rises again.

I apologize for that joke. Moving on now.

What I liked most about this movie is it never tried to do too much. For the most part it stayed within a small area in the forest ,not getting out of control with military tanks rolling in or huge swarms randomly appearing. All zombies were from various work crews or protestors in the surrounding area, which added to the “trapped in nature” feeling the story was trying to impress upon viewers. However there were a few times the movie flashed back to the corporate offices that I thought should have been left out as it didn’t add to much to the story.

Severed obviously had a very small budget, yet could teach many higher budgets movies about how to put effort into making realistic looking zombies and how to hire capable actors who can impress the shambling movements of zombie. Now I am not saying anyone here should have won an academy award, but it was certainly high quality for an indie movie and you can tell they put a lot of work into it.

The story, for the most part, was what it should have been. A solid survivors vs. zombies story set against each other in a remote location thereby isolated. Sadly for viewers the story started wobbling when the survivors came across a separate logging camp owned by another company. The logging camp was fenced in and run by a power hungry crew leader who seemingly devised a game where someone handling a gun had to face off against a random set of zombies who were let into the fencing area. The story was seemingly trying to create a Lord of the Flies-type environment; to survive in a world turned upside down. This simply did not make much sense especially when you realize they were a few days into this outbreak. Society will obviously fall apart after an outbreak, but given the timeline this just came across as poor script writing and directing. If you have a group of men in their 20’s to 50’s ,they will all be forming up to try to make it back home to their families with whatever tools they can grab as weapons trying to push past the undead. They won’t camp out behind a chain link fence inventing games to shoot zombies while drinking.

Overall I enjoyed this while acknowledging my low expectations of zombie films and it was nice to see a serious and gory attempt at a zombie movie.

Grade: C+



This is streaming on netflix…for sure a good way to kill 90 minutes.


This sounds like a good way to kill an evening when I have nothing else to do. There are enough good elements here to make it worthwhile, despite some of the head-scratching momments.


I’m skeptical of anything that says “of the dead” anymore but I’ll have to give this one a try. I like low budget movies better than block busters anyway.


I think its pathetic a movie gets so much slack simply because it tried…hah….E for Effort everyone gets a ribbon!


Oh and Angelina…not to be sexist….but do you ever look for zombie books with the hopes of finding an author is female?

Thats not a trap question or anything…I have a good reason to ask. I swear! : )


I smell a trap but I’ll bite. lol
I only recently started reading zombie books. I had this re-accurring zombie dream that scared the crap out of me. I had it at least once a week and was terrified all the time. About a year and a half ago I deceided to embrace it in the hopes it would go away and a zombie fan was born. I started with movies and only just moved to books when I got hooked on the Walking Dead last season.

I’d love to read some ZA stuff from a woman’s perspective. I thought about writing some but was scared to try.
Why? Got a good one for me?


“Why? Got a good one for me?”

Tune in next Tuesday the 22nd and see. : )

Unless Dave is is pausing the site for a week for Thanksgiving. Dave?

If so then tune in the 29th.


Nope, we’ll still be up Monday through Wednesday. Nothing for Thursday and Friday though. I’ll be eating, drinking, and watching the poor Lions lose.


Btw – I looked for the other series you sggested but the library doesn’t have it and I can’t load it to my kobo. May buy it outright but I don;t usually by books anymore. They just collect dust on my shelves.


Yeah…the problem with a lot of the zombie books is they are from Indie writers who only release stuff online for E-Books or they are from small publishers who would never have enough circulation to end up in a library.

That’s the state most zombie books are in at the present. Right now its still very much a grass roots genre.

Kobo supports EPUB right? If so…use this site Smashwords normally has free previews just like and a lot of apocalypse writers have their work on it. Its the best alternative to IMO for E-Books.

But when you next go to your library next look for Rot & Ruin by Jonathan Maberry, WWZ by Max Brooks or Day By Day Armageddon by JL Bourne. Those have large publishing contracts but DBD might be too new for a library.

Before you buy anything have a look at any authors website and they will most likely point you to where to get it on sale. Look HERE under “writers blogs” or I can always help you find it.

BTW…At some point that link will be a fairly complete list of zombie authors. I just need time to collect them all.


So I watched a bit of this last night while I was putting together next week’s comics. I wasn’t paying close attention, but it did seem fairly well put together for a low budget zombie flick. I might have to circle back around to it.


It realy is all things considered. Did you get to the part with the rival camp?


Nope, I made it to around the half-way point, although I was only paying attention to about the 1/3rd point.

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