New Schedule

You asked for it. You whined, and cried, and started ineffectual protest groups demanding more Bricks of the Dead. And I listened.

Okay, so maybe no one was really asking for much of anything. Regardless, a comic as awesome as Bricks of the Dead demands more exposure, so I’m beefing up the schedule. Starting in July, you’ll be able to enjoy new episodes every Monday and Wednesday! That’s twice the zombie action for the same low, low price of zero dollars.

I’ll still do featured zombie creations every Friday, but zombie games will no longer be a regular weekly feature. However, if I see something I like I’ll definitely post it, so keep your eyes peeled.


Lich Barrister

Three things:
1) It’s good to see that the marketing division of a major corporation with strict dress codes was hit, and hit hard by zombies.
2) It’s fun to think that they wanted to write “Zombies: we’re people too!” but lost the use of all punctuation like a tween texter.
3) LOL!


Thanks! One point:

2.) I was thinking “were” as in the past tense of is. I should have been much clearer about that.

Lich Barrister

Oh, I got that and it was totally clear – I just was playing it further along for the sake of grammatical LOLs. Or grammatical smirks. …or grammatical gnashing of teeth…


Excellent! I’ll miss the games, but then again, it isn’t that hard to find em. I’ll be looking forward to more comics, Dave. Keep up the good work.


Thanks Ross!

IOh, and ‘ll still throw games up here and there because they’re fun and easy. It just won’t be every week anymore.

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