Brain Snackers

Brain Snackers is a game created with nothing more than JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. You find your character, who looks very much like Neo from The Matrix, in an empty room of a seemingly empty house, that is until you encounter your first zombie.

Game play is simple, you use the directional arrow to move around, you pick up items, and most importantly you fight zeds.

At first, the controls felt clunky until I discovered that you could move at an angle which greatly increased the speed of movement. Attacking zeds isn’t much easier, just mash the CTRL button and hope you kill them before they kill you.

For me, the fun of Brain Snackers was trying to outrun the zombies and get the various weapons found throughout the environment. At the same time there are only so many places to run to. So, if you have some time to kill give it a shot.

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Nice comments, and, thanks for your review.

This is definitely a beta, isometric idea / experiment that I got a bit tired of after implementing the editor. When you have a lot of ideas you often want to get the concept down and let the levels come later.

I’ve got a new little gem-in-adolescence that might just be up your zombie loving alley, called Infection. It’s a very pessimistic RTS with a simple, Tactical Overlay style of Graphics that uses SVG for maps and may potentially incorporate multi-player someday…. XD

Infection (0.5.1 as of June 25)

Any comments, complaints, suggestions, developers wanting to fix my hacky bits or incorporate googles api, map makers who like making city layouts, or anyone just looking to waste some time are welcome.

Have fun!


Hey Matt; checking out your new game now. Very cool so far. I’m always amazed what can be done in-browser anymore.

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