Infectonator! World Dominator

This week’s zombie game is Infectonator! World Dominator. The goal is to spread your zombie plague throughout the entire world, choking the life out of humanity in the process.

The game is played with the mouse. Simply select a village/town/city to attack, and start the mayhem. Your first couple of outings will fail, but you’ll earn enough points to gradually improve your zombies. Before you know it nothing can stand in your way; not even Spider Man.

You’ll start off in Africa, but after taking out a couple smaller towns, more and more of the globe will unlock. Along the way you’ll also pick up a few special zombies, as well as loads of improvements to your cannon fodder.

Click here to play (opens a new tab for full screen glory).



This was a great little flash game.. hadn’t really played a flash game for years found this one and man for a simple little game it is sure fun.



I really enjoyed it myself. I’ve pissed away a couple lunch breaks playing it now.

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