Pandemic 2

So Pandemic 2 isn’t really a zombie game per se. It’s more of a disease simulator. You get to choose whether you’re going to develop a virus, a bacteria, or a parasite, and try to get it to spread across the entire world. The eventual goal is to, of course, wipe out all of humanity.

As your disease spreads and infects more of the hapless populace, you’ll gain evolution points, which will allow you to customize your disease. You can give it symptoms, resistances to things like heat and drugs, and determine how it will spread. A careful balance is necessary to ensure that you don’t pick up too much attention, or people will start working on a vaccine to knock your disease out before you can really get going.

After a couple games, you’ll learn to really hate Madagascar.

Click here to start infecting humanity (opens in a new tab for full screen glory)!