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Gear Review: Best Competition Throwing Tomahawk

While I realize that they are far from practical, I absolutely love throwing weapons. I guess it’s just my inner child, but I can never get enough of throwing stars, throwing knives, throwing shovels, and – yes – tomahawks. The attraction boils down to two things: they look cool, and they’re fun to use. Of… Read more »

Brick Review: MiniBigs Zombie Pack & Zombie Al

I recently received a package from MiniBigs with two of their popular items: the Zombie Defense Pack; and their custom zombie minifig, “Zombie Al“. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Gear Review: Cold Steel’s Special Forces Shovel

Okay, for those of you who don’t like video (or don’t want to listen to me talking the whole time), here’s a full text review: I never thought I’d get excited about a shovel, but that’s before I heard about Cold Steel’s Special Forces Shovel. The Special Forces Shovel is a short camp shovel with… Read more »

Brick Review: BrickArms’ Offensive Combat Series 1

BrickArms recently put out a weapons pack based on the game Offensive Combat; GI Brick was kind enough to provide me with a set to review. As with most video game based items, I’m not familiar with the source, so I’m going to review these on their own merits.

BrickWarriors New Accessories (Winter 2013)

Last week we covered the helmets and armor; now it’s time to take a look at all the weapons and accessories BrickWarriors put out recently. I’m pretty excited about this wave, because there are a lot of interesting, non-weapon/armor pieces. I’m always excited to see companies making everyday items, which I think go a long… Read more »

Brick Review: Custom Crazy’s Wave Two

Not too long ago I reviewed the launch items from a new customizer on the market, Custom Crazy’s. They had some really interesting stuff, and I loved how they were building accessories with modularity in mind. Well they’ve got some new stuff out now, so let’s take a look:

Brick Review: Custom Crazy’s Launch Items

It’s always nice to find a new customizer out there, broadening the field of available LEGO┬«-compatible accessories and giving us all most stuff to collect. Custom Crazy is a company out of Malaysia, and they make some pretty interesting items.

Brick Review: BrickForge Star Wars Weapons

I recently got my hands on some of BrickForge’s new releases, the vast majority of which areStar Wars inspired. The shock trooper armor and helmet probably isn’t, but I’m going to lump it in here since it’s still pretty darn cool.