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Planetbase Game Review

Let me get this out of the way first thing: there are no zombies in Planetbase. In fact, there aren’t even any horror elements in the game. That might make it seem like an odd choice to be reviewed here, but it does one thing really, really well: survival. Rather than focusing on just keeping… Read more »

Game Review: Meridian: New World

Meridian: New World isn’t exactly the type of thing I would normally review here at Bricks of the Dead. It’s a sci-fi real-time strategy game with absolutely no horror elements, and certainly no zombies. So why am I talking about it? Well, if there’s one thing I like to do here, it’s support people who… Read more »

Balloon in a Wasteland

This week’s zombie game isn’t really a zombie game, but I think it’s close enough and it’s my website, so there you go. In Balloon in a Wasteland, you play the unlucky, top-hatted pilot of a hot air balloon that malfunctions, then plummets unceremoniously to earth in the middle of the desert. You need to… Read more »

Infectonator! World Dominator

This week’s zombie game is Infectonator! World Dominator. The goal is to spread your zombie plague throughout the entire world, choking the life out of humanity in the process. The game is played with the mouse. Simply select a village/town/city to attack, and start the mayhem. Your first couple of outings will fail, but you’ll… Read more »

Pandemic 2

So Pandemic 2 isn’t really a zombie game per se. It’s more of a disease simulator. You get to choose whether you’re going to develop a virus, a bacteria, or a parasite, and try to get it to spread across the entire world. The eventual goal is to, of course, wipe out all of humanity…. Read more »