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The Last Stand

This week’s game is The Last Stand. You play – you guessed it – a lone survivor in the midst of a zombie uprising. Luckily, these zombies seem adverse to direct sunlight, and only attack at night. You’re behind a more or less sturdy barricade, armed with whatever you’ve happened to find during the day… Read more »

Balloon in a Wasteland

This week’s zombie game isn’t really a zombie game, but I think it’s close enough and it’s my website, so there you go. In Balloon in a Wasteland, you play the unlucky, top-hatted pilot of a hot air balloon that malfunctions, then plummets unceremoniously to earth in the middle of the desert. You need to… Read more »

Boxhead: More Rooms

Our game this week is part of the Boxhead series, one of our favorites here at Bricks of the Dead. Like the other games, you navigate using the arrow keys, hit space to shoot you gun/throw a grenade/place an object, hit P to pause, and use the 0 – 9 keys to change weapons. You… Read more »

Zombie Erik

Have you ever had on of those days that makes you want to shoot a zombie in the face? I know I have. In fact, most of my days are like that. The only problem is when you want to play a game where you shoot a zombie in the face, you’ve usually got to… Read more »

13 Days in Hell

Can you survive 13 days in hell? I like to think i can, but this game puts it to the test. You are tasked with surviving wave after wave of undead, ax-wielding (and later other nasty weapons) monsters. They’re not quite zombies, what with their ability to use tools, but we’ll make an exception. You… Read more »

Endless Zombie Rampage

In Endless Zombie Rampage, you’re a lone survivor armed only with a pistol and a seemingly endless supply of bullets. Standing in your way is wave after wave of flesh-hungry zombies, who are all filled with an astounding amount of blood. As you remorselessly mow down the shambling horde you’ll gain experience, which you can… Read more »

Zombie Invaders

Remember Space Invaders? Well what if I told you that there was a version out there that used blood-thirsty zombies instead of aliens? Well there is, it’s called Zombie Invaders (obviously), and it’s quite a bit of fun. To play, simply move your guy left or right using the mouse, and fire using the left… Read more »

Pixel Force: Left 4 Dead

What if the wildly popular Left 4 Dead had come out during the reign of the 8 bit Nintendo Entertainment System? Well, it turns out it’d be pretty damn cool, at least if it was developed by Eric Ruth, the guy behind this awesome adaptation. The game allows for up to two players, and includes… Read more »