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Zombie Book Review: Dead Meat

Zombies give us a lot of ways to explore philosophical, sociological, and political issues. And I’m not just talking about the heavy-handed symbolism of films like Land of the Dead here. In a zombie story the writer and audience gets an opportunity to explore what it means to be human, the price of survival, how… Read more »

Zombie Book Review: What Zombies Fear

Grounding your story in reality is important, even – or perhaps especially – in stories with plot points as ridiculous as the walking dead. It’s so important because readers are generally only able to suspend their disbelief so far. They can buy zombies, so long as everything else seems pretty realistic. If they have to… Read more »

Zombie Book Review: Murphy’s Law

I have been burned by middle episode of many a movie trilogy. I mean, let us not discuss Star Wars Episode II. They are the bridge between what excited us about the first movie and the climax we so hungrily await in the third installment. They introduce characters that are important to the overall story… Read more »

Zombie Book Review: Comes the Dark

With all the creative zombie kills, interesting weapons, and brainstorming survival situations, we can often forget how horrific the end of the world is. Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of room for “fun” survival stories, but once in a while you need something a bit more grounded, and that’s where Comes the Dark… Read more »

Zombie Book Review: The King of Clayfield

While it’s often fun to read stories about people who are far more qualified than you at surviving the zombie apocalypse (or far less qualified than the average person, for that matter), it’s often refreshing to find one with a protagonist who is not only a normal person, but isn’t written in such a way… Read more »

Zombie Book Review: Rise of the Horde

We love zombie stories. We love road trip stories. Devan Sagliani combines the best of both genres in Zombie Attack: Rise of the Horde. Simply, during the zombie apocalypse, Xander and Benji hit the road for the base where Xander’s military brother has been assigned. Around this idea, Sagliani adds everything from herds of zombies… Read more »

Zombie Book Review: Dead Tropics

Dead Tropics is a must read for anyone who has had enough of the classic zombie survival story, how is Sue Edge’s book any different? Well.. the hero is a she to begin with. Okay, female characters are nothing new in the genre but a single mother of three who finds in her the strength… Read more »