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The LEGO Batman Movie Review

I asked myself a question before going to the theater to see The LEGO Batman Movie with my six year-old daughter: am I going to see a Batman movie, or am I going to see a LEGO movie? It might not be the best Batman movie ever. It might not be the best LEGO movie… Read more »

Hey, It’s the Dead Rising: Watchtower Trailer!

I’ve always enjoyed Capcom’s Dead Rising games. They’re a lot of fun for a while, although I tend to get bored of them once the plot really gets going. That’s because the plot is usually absolutely terrible. No, the joy of Dead Rising is kicking zombie ass with a wide variety of ludicrous weapons, often… Read more »

Movie Review: Contagion

Between SARS, Avian Flu, Mad Cow, and a handful of other recent outbreak panics, it’s fair to say that the fear of a devastating pandemic is running high. Of course, the failure of any of those panics to bring huge body counts probably means that our level of attention to other diseases is on the… Read more »

Movie Review: La Horde

Full disclosure: La Horde is a French film with subtitles (there’s probably a dub available, but that’s lame). That might be a hangup for some of you, but you should really give it a shot anyway because it’s a pretty damn good zombie flick and there’s something to be said for broadening your horizons. Remember:… Read more »