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The Obligitory Thanksgiving Post

What could a guy like me be Thankful for? Happy, healthy kids? A great family? A decent job? The fact that I get to go to bed with a full stomach every night in a nice warm bed? Well, yes, obviously all of those things. But this is, of course, a website about LEGO® (and… Read more »

LEGO Review: Halloween Accessory Set

As if it wasn’t enough to tempt us with the Collectible Series, LEGO® just found another way to get us to buy even more Minifigures: they call these Minifigure accessory sets/packs, and it’s going to hurt. Official set description: Set #: 850487 Pieces: 58 MSRP: $14.99 Go batty over the Halloween Accessory Set! Scare yourself… Read more »

LEGO Set Review: Gandalf Arrives

Set #: 9469 Pieces: 83 MSRP: $12.99 While the Monster Fighters sets are awesome, I want to broaden out the LEGO® reviews here at Bricks of the Dead, so I’m going to be doing a few on The Lord of the Rings sets to start, and will expand into other themes as time and budget… Read more »

LEGO Book Review: A Million Little Bricks

The LEGO® Group has had a long an interesting history. Starting as a small carpentry shop in a small Danish town, it has become a huge, multinational corporation, and one of the most recognizable toy brands in the world. But how did it get there? That’s the story A Million Little Bricks: An Unofficial History… Read more »

LEGO Review: Swamp Creature

Set #: 9461 Pieces: 70 MSRP: $6.99 When I saw the Monster Fighters lineup, I know there was one set I absolutely had to have (bear in mind, this was before The Zombies was revealed),and that was The Swamp Creature. It’sa very small set, with only 70 pieces, but I just knew I had to… Read more »

LEGO Review: Zombie Car Polybag

Remember that free shipping and Zombie Car mini-set offer I told you guys about? Well I couldn’t resist, and got the mini-set late last week.

LEGO Offer: Free Shipping & Zombie Set

LEGO® is running a couple cool offers now through September 21st. If you order $75.00 or more, not only will you get Free Shipping, you’ll also get a Free Exclusive LEGO Monster Fighters set, Zombie Car. If you’re planning on making an order, I’d be much obliged if you used the links above, as I’ll… Read more »