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We Have a Winner!

As always, you guys made choosing a winner of the Historical Zombie Challenge difficult, but I finally picked my winner: “Gladiator vs Zombius” by Nidhogg.

Prizes Put to Use

One of the winners of our Adaptation Challenge, [:], put together a fun little comic showing off his prize and putting the weapons to creative new uses. Here’s a sample couple of frames, but be sure to click through to the whole enchilada:

Contest Winners Announced

For everyone waiting both patiently and impatiently, here is the big announcement. We had a lot of great entries, and it was tough picking the winners. But the judges have hashed it out. Our winner for the video game category is [:] with this fantastic creation:

Brick Comic Network Caption Contest

Have you always wanted to do a webcomic, but lacked the know-how, artistic ability, and/or ability to stick with a project for any significant length of time? Well this contest is for you. The Brick Comic Network has already created the comic, all you need to do is fill in the blanks. The contest runs… Read more »