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Episode 254: Fight!

Zombie Cliche Lookout: The First Strike One of the things that makes zombies so scary is numbers. A single zombie, yeah, they’re all dead and torn up and uncanny. That’s scary, but it’s also very beatable. You can destroy or outrun a single zombie with minimal effort (unless you’re underestimating them or they catch you… Read more »

Episode 253: Found You!

Zombie Cliche Lookout: The Night Attack Zombies are pretty damn scary. They move unnaturally, the have grievous injuries, can’t communicate, and shamble after your with a stone-faced look of implacable focus. I’ll bet they smell really bad too. But you know what makes that even worse? When those undead bastards show up in the middle… Read more »

Episode 252: Don’t Hit Snooze

Zombie Cliche Lookup: The Rude Wake-Up Call It’s really tough to predict just when the global zombie pandemic is going to hit, and – of course – one assumes it won’t hit everyone at the same time. So naturally some people are going to find themselves in compromising situations when the zombies show up. Zombie… Read more »

Episode 42

About this Episode: I threw in some unnecessary wide shots in this episode because I really like how this (admittedly simple) set came out. Since this is probably the last time I use it, at least for a while, I figured it needed a bit of exposure. Zombie Cliché Lookout: The phrase “sour grapes” is… Read more »

Episode 41

Zombie Cliché Lookout: Quick, what’s the best way to recover after sticking your foot in your mouth? If you said that you should immediately launch serveral passive-aggressive attacks at the person you just insulted, well, you’re probably a hell of a lot of fun at parties. In popular entertainment, the guy who can’t help but… Read more »

Episode 40

Zombie Cliché Lookout: Survivalists in popular culture run the gamut between lovable and dangerous, with more than a few settling on the creepy end of the spectrum. Whenever characters come across a survivalist, they hope for Burt Gummer from Tremors, but all too often end up with someone like Clark.

Episode 39

Zombie Cliché Lookout: In popular culture, survivalists are generally painted as being eager for the shit to hit the fan, so that all the unprepared folks die off, and the survivors are left as kings of the wasteland. Unfortunately for the survivalists, their eagerness to isolate themselves (like, say severing all communication with the outside… Read more »

Episode 38

Zombie Cliché Lookout: In 1990, special effects guru Tom Savini made a surprisingly decent remake of Night of the Living Dead. At one point the now-useful Barbara (in the original she was catatonic for most of the film, and incoherent with fear for the rest) points out that they could easily escape by walking away… Read more »