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Review: GI Brick & BrickArm’s Late 2013 Items

I recently received a care package from my friends at GI Brick with the latest cool stuff from BrickArms. This time around, we’ve got a lot of crate-based collections with some super cool stuff. Bloodshed Crate Okay, just look at these.

Exclusive GI Brick / BrickArms Coupon

I recently received an email from GI Brick letting my know that they wanted to do a coupon code for the loyal readers of Bricks of the Dead. And since I know how much you guys love your BrickArms (and who could blame you?), here it is: ZOMBIE So use that coupon code on checkout… Read more »

BrickArms Review: Printed Crates and Rations

BrickArms recently put out new crates, which are quite cool in their own right, but better still are all the printed varietions they have been producing. The fine folks over at GI Brick were kind enough to send me over a couple different versions to check out, as well as a bunch of their printed… Read more »

Brick Review: BrickArms’ Offensive Combat Series 1

BrickArms recently put out a weapons pack based on the game Offensive Combat; GI Brick was kind enough to provide me with a set to review. As with most video game based items, I’m not familiar with the source, so I’m going to review these on their own merits.

Brick Review: BrickArms’ Sci-Fi X Pack

I recently got my hands on BrickArms’ Sci-Fi X Pack, coutesy of the always awesome GI Brick (who recently redesigned their website, which looks amazing). Let’s check them out. One quick note: I don’t play a lot of video games, so I don’t know the inspiration for all these weapons; I am reviewing them on… Read more »