Zombie Apocalypse Hits Downtown LEGO City

Today’s LEGO Zombie Creation of the Whenever-the-Hell-I-Feel-Like-It comes to use from chefmick_212, who sent me his build: “Zombie Apocalypse Hits Downtown LEGO City”. As always, I love it when people send me the LEGO zombie stuff their building (and hey, art, video, or anything else is cool too), so don’t be shy about it. I… Read more »

Game Review: Mad Max

Reviews for the new Mad Max game have been extremely divisive. Many professional reviewers had serious complaints about the title, while user reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. Now that I’ve had some time to explore the wasteland in my super-charged death machine, I find myself somewhere in the middle. Well, somewhat in the middle. I… Read more »

Book Review: The Art of Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad Max: Fury Road is one of the best action movies I’ve seen in a hell of a long time. I’d hold it up with Die Hard,┬áThe Terminator, and Aliens as one of the best in the history of the genre. Making this incredible film even more interesting is its long and storied journey to… Read more »

Book Review: Flesh Without Soul

When I received the pitch for Flesh Without Soul, I was intrigued by the writer saying that it was a short book that wasn’t part of a series. Having just finished a rather lengthy series of books, I was definitely in the mood for something I could finish in a few days. I’m also tiring… Read more »

The Hunt Chronicles: Volume 1 Book Review

The shelves are pretty crowded with zombie books these days, so most authors take pretty major steps to set their stories apart from the pack. That’s a pretty good strategy, and it’s always interesting to see how the genre can get stretched and expanded, but sometimes I just crave a more traditional zombie story, and… Read more »

Schedule and Daughter Update

Good morning everyone! I’m happy to report that my daughter is recovering well from her burn. She finally has all her bandages off, so now we’re able to treat her at home rather than going to the hospital every couple of days for dressing changes and debridement. It’s been a long, stressful two weeks, but… Read more »

Schedule Announcement

My daughter, proving once again how unpredictable life can be, burned herself severely this weekend, requiring a trip to first one hospital, and then to another, bigger hospital with a larger trauma burn center. We are home now, but with a lot of trips to Children’s Hospital in our future and a little girl who… Read more »

Zombie Breakout in Zone B Area 6

I haven’t been doing a LEGO zombie creation every week lately because my new job is really putting the squeeze on my free time, and something’s got to give. Despite that, I do want to feature cool builds on here when I find them or they’re sent to me. Today, I have one of the… Read more »