Episode 32

About this Episode:
…and the introductions started next week finally come to and end.

Zombie Cliché Lookout:
A lifetime of video games has taught me to search absolutely everything for things of value. It doesn’t matter if I just shot a duck, I know that there’s a good chance that duck is carrying a first aid kit or more ammunition for my laser rifle. In the Zombie Post-Apocalyptic World (ZPAW, yes, that’s really an acronym), this is an even more important truism. The zombie you just took out used to be a human just like you, so you should check his pockets to make sure he doesn’t have anything you need.



Disappointing, isn’t it? There’s always the next one.

I’m sure the squirrel’s loot is determined by a random dice roll and you just didn’t get lucky.


I once looted a rabid dog and found 20 gold. Dog will put stuff in the strangest places.


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