Episode 37

About this Episode:
I’m using a new lighting technique involving bouncing most of my lights off a shiny automotive sunshade. It was suggested by Chris Doyle of the webcomic Reasonably Clever (check it out, it’s great), and I think it’s working really, really well. Thanks Doyle!

Zombie Cliché Lookout:
In pulp entertainment, one popular character archetype is the survivalist. Often played for laughs, the survivalist sees himself (and it’s almost always a he) as a rugged individualist, trusting in his own abilities rather than placing any faith in the system. In fact, the survivalist hates the system, and thinks the government is comprised of do-nothing yesmen or black-helicopter-piloting conspirators.



Hey, Chris gave you a tip, cool! I’ve finally gotten a good desk lamp to actually take halfway-decent pictures of MOCs, so I’ll have to try that. The effect looks good here.

And when are they going to be pursued by fast zombies over rooftops? And will there be any half-insane preachers with shotguns? Sorry, been playing too much Half-Life. 😛


Yeah, Chris seems to really know his stuff. I’m using a couple work lights I picked up at a hardware store for – I think – about six bucks apiece.

You’re not going to see any fast zombies here. I’m a purist, so slow zeds only. The crazy preacher is always possible, however.


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