Episode 74

Zombie Cliché Lookout:
The improvised barricade in a mainstay in the zombie genre. This hastily created blockade often serves as the only measure of safety between the zombies on the outside, and our heroes inside. The important thing about the improvised barricade is that it shouldn’t look too good. It must be haphazardly created out of whatever material happens to by lying around, otherwise it’s a lot harder to believe the zombies are able to push through it in the third act.



To me it looks like that barricades strength is purely due to……Whatever that black thing is.


Well in the comic not much time has passed. This will be coming back up again, but we’ve got a few plot points to hit first.


Why is Murphy still carrying his gun around in his hand when he’s out of ammunition?


Ah, I see. I would probably have just had him holding nothing in that case. Anyone who’s ever played a videogame knows that guns just disappear when you’re not using them. 😛

Also, I hope Murphy is taking his turn on watch there, not just unable to sleep. With five of them, there’s no excuse for them all to be sleeping at once.


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