Zombie Cliche Lookout: Rush to the Rescue?

We’ve been talking a lot lately about the dangers of splitting up in a zombie survival or horror situation, and we’re coming up on the logical conclusion to all that. Separating can have a number of negative consequences, and many of them won’t directly effect the protagonist. In some situations, they might simply get the main character too far away from the action to do any good. This is often used as a way of building up the character. It gives them something to regret, or some ugly moment in their past that they need to come to terms with.

That character can take this challenge and either improve themselves, or drag themselves further down. They can use this horrific event to find weaknesses in their approach to situations, then correct them so that ugliness doesn’t happen again. On the other hand, they can wallow in guilt and self-pity, and let it affect them in any number of negative ways. Perhaps they develop a drinking problem, become overly aggressive, or take more risks as a way of punishing themselves. As with all things, a character’s mental attitude is the key.

About this Episode:

This is the last episode with the dark tunnel, so I really had fun with my dark photography here. I took almost forty pictures for this one, experimenting with different lighting, reflections, and poses. I’m pretty happy with the results.

Discussion Question: Post Apocalyptic Mores

This one comes from BrickVoid, who stumbled upon the idea when correcting one of my typos: “What mores (folkways of central importance accepted without question and embodying the fundamental moral views of a group.) of society we currently hold onto would fall by the wayside in a zombie apocalypse, and what mores might possibly survive in the emerging society?”