Episode 766: Drawing Conclusions

Zombie Cliche Lookout: Inconclusive Under the right circumstances, you can tell a lot about a zombie encounter by closely examining the place where it occurred. Naturally, someone who is actually trained and experienced can tell a lot more, but you don’t need to be one of those CSI guys to draw some basic conclusion. For… Read more »

Episode 765: Looking Close

Zombie Cliche Lookout: Searching for Signs Generally speaking, it’s not a good sign when people go missing during a zombie outbreak.The best case scenarios is that they’ve simply hidden themselves away somewhere, perhaps fleeing from some zeds. There are a whole range of negative outcomes, however. Perhaps they were attacked by zombies, and are now… Read more »

Episode 764: The Return

Zombie Cliche Lookout: The Scene of the Crime When people in your survival group go missing, and you want to find them (because, let’s be honest, sometimes you won’t want to find them), the first thing you’ll want to do is head back to wherever you saw them last. You never know, maybe they’ll still… Read more »

Episode 763: Difference of Opinion

Zombie Cliche Lookout: Threat-Based Unilateral Action Are things not going your way in the zombie apocalypse? Well, depending on the circumstances, there might be something you can do about that. No, you can’t stop the dead from reanimating and trying to eat everyone. You’ll just have to deal with that, I’m afraid. But, if your… Read more »

Episode 762: Two and Two

Zombie Cliche Lookout: Getting Defensive Nobody likes owning up to mistakes, and mistakes made during the course of a zombie outbreak tend to be far worse than mistakes made during normal times. Taking responsibility is a painful, often humiliating process, but it’s also an essential one if you’re concerned about learning and maturing. In fact,… Read more »

Episode 761: Tough Talk

Zombie Cliche Lookout: Asserting Yourself I think one of the reasons zombie stories are so popular is that it gives fan a chance of imagining themselves in a completely new set of circumstances. They are no longer constrained by the rules and mores of modern society. They’re in a live or die situation, so they… Read more »

Episode 760: Unfinished Business

Zombie Cliche Lookout: Duty to Friends In zombie fiction, people don’t want to come back as a zombie. There are plenty of reasons for this. Foremost is the horror that comes with not being able to be in control of your own actions. Another is the idea that, as a zombie, you could easily take… Read more »

Episode 759: The Lucky One

Zombie Cliche Lookout: The Full Story There is a certain type of character that shows up in many stories (this is by no means exclusive to zombie fiction) is one who is keeping a lot of secrets, but isn’t terribly sneaky about it. Everyone knows there’s more he/she isn’t revealing, and they can react to… Read more »