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Excited about Project Zomboid? You Should Be

Growing up I always had all sorts of great ideas for how to improve the games I played. Most of them involved allowing the character(s) to get off the beaten path and not treat every problem as though there was just one solution. The rest were basically ways of bring in more realism to the… Read more »


It looks like my little Choose Your Own Adventure game is a minor hit. Since it launched on Monday it’s had hundred of plays and (mostly) glowing reviews. Now it’s up on Make sure you stop by and play through it again (and rate and comment). And while you’re there, check out the myriad… Read more »

Zombie Baseball

This week we’re honoring America’s national pastime with Zombie Baseball. Zombies will approach from your right, and you need to stop them. Your only weapon: baseballs. Luckily, you have a pitcher dropping them at regular intervals, and you’re ready to swing for the fences. At the end of every zombie-bashing day, you’ll be able to… Read more »

The Last Stand

This week’s game is The Last Stand. You play – you guessed it – a lone survivor in the midst of a zombie uprising. Luckily, these zombies seem adverse to direct sunlight, and only attack at night. You’re behind a more or less sturdy barricade, armed with whatever you’ve happened to find during the day… Read more »

Balloon in a Wasteland

This week’s zombie game isn’t really a zombie game, but I think it’s close enough and it’s my website, so there you go. In Balloon in a Wasteland, you play the unlucky, top-hatted pilot of a hot air balloon that malfunctions, then plummets unceremoniously to earth in the middle of the desert. You need to… Read more »

Boxhead: More Rooms

Our game this week is part of the Boxhead series, one of our favorites here at Bricks of the Dead. Like the other games, you navigate using the arrow keys, hit space to shoot you gun/throw a grenade/place an object, hit P to pause, and use the 0 – 9 keys to change weapons. You… Read more »

SAS: Zombie Assault 2

Who doesn’t like to pretend they’re a highly-trained special forces officer who is trapped deep behind enemy (zombies, in this case) lines and has to depend on only their wits, and a seemingly never-ending supply of bullets? I know I do. In SAS: Zombie Assault 2, you’ll need to quickly dispatch hordes of hungry zombies… Read more »

Zombie Erik

Have you ever had on of those days that makes you want to shoot a zombie in the face? I know I have. In fact, most of my days are like that. The only problem is when you want to play a game where you shoot a zombie in the face, you’ve usually got to… Read more »