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Brick Review: BrickWarriors Modern Accessories

This week’s review covers BrickWarriors’ modern items. While there are only four this time around, remember that a lot of the previously covered items would fit in just fine in modern MOCs.

Book Review: The Gathering Dead

How do you like your undead? Do you like them fast or slow? A little smarter than common or dumb as a door knob? Most people aren’t biased towards a side as long as it’s a good story but it’s always a fun topic of conversation. Personally I have never really leaned too far towards… Read more »

Brick Review: BrickWarriors’ Mafia Accessories

When you think of prohibition-era gangsters, the mind conjures images of fast cars, sexy flappers, cool hats, and Tommy guns. BrickWarriors can’t help you on the first two items, but they’ve got the hats and Thomsons covered.

Zombie Book Review: Zombie Ohio

Zombie Ohio: A Tale of the Undead by Scott Kinemore spins a tale through the eyes of a Zombie. Not a true zombie but one who is slowly turning. Peter Mellor was a college professor at a university in – you guessed it – Ohio, who gets into a fatal car accident as a zombie… Read more »

Zombie Book Review: Ex-Patriots

EX-Patriots is the highly anticipated sequel to Peter Clines first zombie book, EX-Heroes. Clines has created a world decimated by the Zombie Apocalypse where humans turned zombies are called “Exes” and the comic styled superhuman’s fully loaded with special powers who failed to save the world are called “EX Heroes.” What is interesting is that… Read more »

Brick Review: BrickWarriors’ Fantasy/Ancient Accessories

Custom, LEGO®-compatible accessories are becoming big business these days. BrickArms and BrickForge are both producing dozens of high quality accessories to equip your minifig armies with weapons, armor, and other items that LEGO® doesn’t typically produce (although its broadening its horizons as well). While these two giants dominate the industry, there is still plenty of… Read more »

Book Review: Roads Less Traveled: The Plan

Most zombie stories like to work under the idea that zombies are a concept no one is aware of. In their universe, Night of the Living Dead never happened, there is no underlying cultural consciousness of zombies and how to deal with them, and Max Brooks certainly never wrote a detailed guide for surviving the… Read more »