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TV Review: The Walking Dead – Cherokee Rose

After last week’s explosive episode, this week slows down quite a bit to let us spend some time with our characters. And to my surprise, the show actually does a pretty decent job at it.

TV Review: The Walking Dead – Save the Last One

This is what The Walking Dead should be doing every week. A good balance of action, creeps, and a little bit of character drama (even if The Walking Dead isn’t very good at that last one just yet). Let’s start with the character drama since that’s the least developed, and consequently least interesting. We get… Read more »

TV Review: Zombies: A Living History

This week, The History Channel tapped into the undead zeitgeist with Zombies: A Living History, a two hour documentary on the history of zombie mythology, its impact on our culture, and they way it relates to a lot of the issues facing us today. The documentary can be pretty sharply divided into two halves. The… Read more »

Zombie Movie Review: Masters of Horror: Joe Dante – Homecoming

There are bad zombie movies, and then there are movies that are so bad they transcend logical thinking and leave you to wondering how enough people thought it was a good idea to get it made. In this case I bring you Masters of Horror: Joe Dante – Homecoming. I was pretty excited when I… Read more »

TV Review: The Walking Dead – Bloodletting

After a good deal of zombie action last week, we slow down quite a bit for Bloodletting. That’s not to say there wasn’t tension this time around, it’s just that it was primarily focused around Carl’s gunshot wound.

TV Review: The Walking Dead – What Lies Ahead

The Walking Dead is a little different from a lot of shows on TV. Instead of having to overcome its initial awkwardness to find its own, The Walking Dead peaked with is pilot, which was all but perfection. In hindsight, perhaps there was nowhere to go but down after that inspired pilot. For the rest… Read more »

Zombie Movie Review: Wicked Little Things

Wicked Little Things is the story of a recently widowed mother of two, who apparently has lost her family home, but was left a different home in the will of her recently deceased husband. Coincidentally, nobody seemed to know he even owned it.  The mother, sarcastic teenager, and angelic little girl (who you know something horrible will… Read more »

Movie Review: Day of the Dead (2008)

Remakes always take some liberties with the original (otherwise why bother?), whether that be some tweaks to the plot, adding or removing characters, changing the setting, etc. Generally these changes are fairly superficial, but even when they’re major you can always get a sense of the original. Well, almost always. 2008’s remake of Day of… Read more »