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Zombie Movie Review: Warm Bodies

So the movie Warm Bodies. I will start with this – If you’re a diehard zombie movie fan you have my permission to leave. This movie isn’t for you. It’s Twilight with zombies, and not the zombies we know and love. However, if the misses is pestering you to watch a chick-flick with her, you… Read more »

Zombie TV Review: Zombieland

Evan’s Thoughts Not very many horror movies have managed to become box office or at home hits.  But a rare few have managed such success.  Two of those are Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland. These two movies share a few things in common. They have all the aspects of a high quality production, theater… Read more »

Movie Review: Let There Be Zombies

Let There Be Zombies is a new independent horror-comedy directed and written by Texan Andrew Patterson, and stars an entirely local cast featuring Sydney Daly as Drew, Doug Lowe as Jeff, Manuel Monsante as Red, and Enrique Arellano as José. The film follows Drew, a schoolteacher, who could not even control her own classroom, and… Read more »

The Walking Dead Season Three Post Mortem

AMC did a lot right with the third season of their hit show The Walking Dead. A lot of what people hated about the show’s listless second season is gone, along with the majority of the more problematic characters. Was it a perfect season of TV? No, but for a lot of fans, it solidified… Read more »

The Walking Dead Review: Welcome to the Tombs

And just like that, the third season of AMC’s The Walking Dead comes to an end. It was a pretty heavy-duty episode, with a lot of moving parts. Some things worked well, some disappointed, and a couple are left in the wind, waiting for season four. Let’s start with one of the things I liked least… Read more »

The Walking Dead Review: “This Sorrowful Life”

Last week’s The Walking Dead ended with a pretty substantial shock and cliffhanger, and this week we saw a fairly major character get killed off, but despite that, the show is feeling really padded lately. The end of the season is rapidly approaching, and it feels like the writers have a clear goal in mind for… Read more »

TV Review: The Walking Dead: Arrow on the Doorpost

After a couple weeks of character driven stories on AMC’s The Walking Dead, it’s looking like things are going to get back to business this week. Things just right into the action, with Rick, Daryl, and Hershel arriving at a meet (at least I assume they jump right into the action, my cable was acting… Read more »