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Salt and Sanctuary Review

I’m a huge fan of From Software’s Dark Souls games (I would include Bloodborne and Demon’s Souls as well). They’re notoriously difficult, but once you get the hang of the combat things start to click. It takes a little bit of patience, but soon you come to really appreciate the finely honed mechanics, subtle storytelling,… Read more »

Planetbase Game Review

Let me get this out of the way first thing: there are no zombies in Planetbase. In fact, there aren’t even any horror elements in the game. That might make it seem like an odd choice to be reviewed here, but it does one thing really, really well: survival. Rather than focusing on just keeping… Read more »

Game Review: Mad Max

Reviews for the new Mad Max game have been extremely divisive. Many professional reviewers had serious complaints about the title, while user reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. Now that I’ve had some time to explore the wasteland in my super-charged death machine, I find myself somewhere in the middle. Well, somewhat in the middle. I… Read more »

Game Review: Darkest Dungeon

I’m a big fan of role playing games; it’s one of the holdovers from my time as an anti-social nerd up through high school. At the time, I had lots of spare time to sit down and really invest myself into the world of the game, lovingly craft and develop characters, and just get lost… Read more »

Game of Thrones Review: The Sword in the Darkness

One thing that I really love about Telltale Games’ episodic structure is the way that they’re able to ratchet up the tension as the story continues. While each installment functions well as a semi-independent chapter of the story, the true strength of the series lies in how well subsequent episodes build on the groundwork laid… Read more »

Game Review: Game of Thrones Part 2

While I had a few, relatively minor complaints about Telltale Games’ take on George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones, my impressions of the game were overwhelmingly positive. With the second episode, “The Lost Lords”, now available, let’s see if Telltale continues to impress. Let’s get the negatives out of the way first, shall we? After all,… Read more »

Game Review: Game of Throne Part 1

A Song of Ice and Fire and the incredibly HBO adaptation, Game of Thrones, contains an extremely rich world with a detailed history and mythology. Add in the huge following both series have, and it’s a wonder we haven’t seen a big Game of Thrones video game yet. Well, there have been a couple, but… Read more »

Game Review: Wasteland 2

In 1988 a game came out that setup on of my favorite genres in gaming. That game was called Wasteland, and the genre is built is the post-apocalyptic role playing game. The game was originally designed to be a franchise, but the planned sequels never seemed to materialize. What did happen, however, is that the… Read more »