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The Girl with All the Gifts Book Review

The girl, in The Girl with All the Gifts, is Melanie. Young, very intelligent, and with a massive student crush on her favorite teacher Miss Justineau. Her life focuses on her school and lessons. But slowly, we realize there’s something not quite right about Melanie’s school. Everything is in an underground bunker. The children are… Read more »

The Silence Book Review

In rural Moldova, scientists explore a cave that has been completely closed off to the outside world for millions of years. Inside, life has adapted both to its environment, and independent of life outside the cave. The expedition is being broadcast live by Discovery, and being absently watched by Ally in the comfort of her… Read more »

Brick Flicks Book Review

As some of you probably know, Bricks of the Dead was originally intended to be a series of short stop-motion videos. However, as I learned more about what went into making decent looking video, and weighed that against the level of patience that I know I’m able to bring to bear on process, I figured… Read more »

Wastelands 2 Book Review

I’m generally pretty hesitant about accepting anthologies for reviews. Not because I have anything against them as a reader, or because I don’t think they can be good, but because they can be very difficult to review. The quality of work is naturally going to vary from title to title, but so will things like… Read more »

Empire of the Undead Review

I am both a huge fan of history and zombies, so when you put the two together, I tend to get pretty excited. Empire of the Undead hits this sweet spot, by setting its zombie apocalypse right in the middle of the Roman empire. Better still, it splits the narrative between the city of Rome… Read more »

Alien: The Archive Book Review

As I’ve mentioned a time or two before, Alien is one of my favorite horror films. I love everything about it: the gritty aesthetic, the isolation, the blue collar crew, and of course the constant, slow building tension. Of course, Alien was only the beginning of what has become a huge franchise. As is happens,… Read more »

Zombie Book Review: Threnody

All things must have their cause, and a zombie pandemic is no different. In Threnody, we get to experience that cause directly from one of the men directly at fault for it. It makes for an interesting experience, seeing how much damage can come from a bad decision that compounds a horrible situation. Things start… Read more »

The Art of The Last of Us Book Review

Not too long ago, I reviewed The Art of Dead Space, one of my favorite horror games. Today, we’re going to be checking out another art book from another one of my favorite games: The Last of Us. While it isn’t quite as fantastical as Dead Space, The Last of Us was an absolutely beautifully… Read more »