Another Brief Update

As recent comments have pointed out, I’ve been pretty lax with updates lately. I apologize for that. I’ve had a lot going on lately, but should have been better about keeping you guys updated.

I’ve written about a quarter of the scripts for the ending of the comic, and outlined the rest. My plan is to start building the couple of sets I’ll need to get the ball rolling. If everything goes to plan, I’m hoping to re-launch the comic right around Halloween.

I get that this has taken longer than expected, and that’s frustrating. I’ve got a lot of rods in the fire right now, and doing my best to balance things. As always, I appreciate your patience.



Thank you for the update! 😀 Why do people, in general, put more rods in the fire than they can handle? You sound like work has taken more time up, have you checked to see if you have any spare time left for yourself? If your workload is just piling up too much, maybe it’s time you shed some of that load onto others … 😀

there comes a time when you have to reevaluate your situation at work, and you should always be considering options that are available to you.

Just my 2c worth. YMMV. Take care and keep us updated! 😀


Work has definitely piled up. We’ve taken on a couple of large projects, and I just lost two of my key people. I feel like I’ve been putting out fires constantly for the last couple of months.


Wow are you the head of all this, or is some other unlucky soul in the hotseat? 😀


I’ve been there!

Always gotta be careful with stuff like that man! For the past decade I had MANY projects I was working on and near the end I realized that not one of the was complete. I kept going from one project to another and accomplished nothing for all my effort.

It’s why I gave up working on hobbiest robotics and a series of tee shirts (including some zombie ones 😉 ). But now I’m starting to get things in order and I hope to have my own web comic up come next year. 🙂

You’re doing a great job–just don’t tackle more than you can handle and don’t push yourself too hard. We’re all rooting for ya man!


I knew it! BotD and TWD will probably start together… Around Halloween… No coincidence, huh? LOL

Good news BTW!

Pepper Valentino

Cool! Good luck with everything going on. Take your time with the comic, don’t rush it. Make it good! Even if it takes an extra 2 or 3 years! 😉


Welcome to my world! Just finished my next story script yesterday with only two episode updates to spare. It clocks in at 57 pages. O_o

I plan to start shooting today.

I’m looking forward to seeing the story resolution for BotD, but I’m also looking forward to seeing the next story. I’m hoping it’s another story in the same world that fleshes out the lore, but I’ll understand if you wanted to do something different for awhile.

You seriously have the best produced Lego comic out there, and I include my own in that comparison. You’re an inspiration, Dave!


Hah, thanks for your kind words! I really hope I can do a satisfying resolution here. I suppose we’ll see.


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