A Quick Update

Hey everyone! I wanted to check in during the hiatus to let everyone know how things are coming along. I’ve spent most of August doing a re-read of the series and writing out my outline for how I want to bring the comic to a close. I’ve made pretty great progress with that, but have a ways to go still. Next step is scripting, and then I’ll be ready to get back into shooting.

At this point I still have quite a bit to do, so thank you all for your patience, as always. I originally said September for a return, but I’m probably going to be closer to October. I know, I suck.



Still good news I guess! I’ve been out for a while and definitely curious about this new season of BofD!

Just a thought but… BofD returning probably the same time TWD… Is that on purpose? LOL


It’s not on purpose, but it does seem like they are going to come back concurrently. It does make sense, doing zombie stuff around Halloween.

Pepper Valentino

Thanks for the update! 🙂 Glad to hear progress is being made. Take your time. 🙂


Out of curiosity, how many episodes are you planning on doing? As I stated earlier, 225 episodes would bring you to the magic 1,000th episode. 😀 I’m really hoping you could end the comic having a nice round episode number like that on it! 😀


Thanks for keeping us up to date man! Good to know that things are moving in a forward direction. 🙂


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