The Walking Dead Review: “Go Getters”

Editor’s note: this review of AMC’s The Walking Dead will contain some spoilers. I will try to keep them to a minimum, but they’re be there nonetheless. You’ve been warned.

Another episode of The Walking Dead, and more shenanigans with the Saviors. This time, however, we checked in with another group we haven’t seen in a bit: the Hilltop. Maggie and Sasha made their way back there so a doctor could make sure she wasn’t going to bleed out and die, and/or lose the baby. They got that all sorted out in the first few minutes of the episode.

The big drama of the episode centers around whether Maggie and Sasha will be allowed to stay at the Hilltop, where the doctor can make sure Maggie’s pregnancy proceeds normally. This is exacerbated by the hilltop’s weasel-like leader, Gregory, wanting to turn in our heroes to the contingent of Saviors who show up to intimidate people and steal half (but only half) of their stuff. Luckily, our old pal Jesus is there to make sure Gregory can’t do too much damage.

The Walking Dead Review - "Go Getters"

The Saviors show up the day after they unleash a nighttime zombie raid on the Hilltop. In what turns out to be the best sequence of the episode, they open up the gates and roll in an old AMC Gremlin that’s blaring opera music to draw in the zombies. Unfortunately, they can’t just turn off the music in the car, because someone locked all the doors and welded a cage over all the windows. They also took the time to make a little middle finger icon for the trunk, which was a nice touch.

While Sasha and Jesus killed a few dozen zombies, Maggie got a tractor and monster trucked the Gremlin real good. I’m not really doing it justice; it was a fun sequence.

The Walking Dead Review - "Go Getters"

The other highlight of the episode was that it featured my favorite Savior. I don’t know his name, but he’s the tall skinny guy with the male pattern baldness and the mustache. This guy really sells the quite threat that Negan is trying to pull off. Honestly, they should have cast him as the big bad and made out current Negan into one of the lackeys.

Mustache guy pushes Gregory around all episode, and it’s absolutely great. We get a quick tense moment where Gregory tries to give up Maggie and Sasha, but gets outsmarted by Jesus. I don’t think anyone really bought the moment, but there it is.

The Walking Dead Review - "Go Getters"

The B-Plot of the episode involves Carl (Coral) chasing after Enid as she makes her way to the Hilltop so she can be with Maggie. They roller skate and hold hands, there’s a kiss. It’s very romantic. Unfortunately for Carl, he can’t let go of his desire for revenge, and Enid leaves him.

The episode ends with a great moment. Jesus sneaks into one of the Saviors’ panel vans and helps himself to some scotch, only to find Carl inside the same truck. It was a nice moment, and makes for a nice setup for the next arc of the season. Carl isn’t going to kill Negan, but him getting captured or maybe killed should motivate Rick to start moving against the Saviors.

A pretty solid episode of The Walking Dead, all told.

4 zombies heads out of 5



I don’t get how Mustache guy is more of a threat to you than Negan but, never mind. LOL. I guess he is well “balanced” to be Negan’s right-hand man, knowing his place (at least so far… I secretly hope, if something happen to Negan, Mustache guy will step up… Or even better lead a mutiny! But I digress here…). He is a great character anyway.

That was a great episode indeed, well balanced between story development, action, drama building. For the first time this season , the “good guys” have the “upper hand”, or at least the hope of it, so that’s intriguing to me.

I also loved the short sequence with Michone & Rick… “I got your back my dear… But I’ll keep doing my stuff behind your back… You know just in case…” Short sequence but terribly efficient here.

And I’d say Sasha redeemed herself to me also. Planning something without Maggie knowing and stuff… I should say I was also happy the way Gregory was. We definitely feel how he feels to the Saviors.


I think she was bouncing back and forth in every directions the show needed her to go… Even Rosita was becoming a more “charismatic” character. I felt she was just here to be someone’s sister (Tyreese) or someone’s lover (Bob then Abraham).

I think this will do her good to stick with Maggie and have some kind of story arc of her own. Getting close to Abraham (who wasn’t a big of too) wasn’t working for me at all, felt like a useless arc at the time.

Now, if I want someone to have a bigger role that would be Aaron… Loving him from day one, when will he step up?!


I agree, this was an enjoyable episode. The walker attack was a gratifying opportunity for Maggie, Sasha, and Jesus to show off their skills. The scenes with Enid and Carl were sweet.

Even Gregory gave me someone else to get annoyed with rather than Negan.


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