Zombie Movie Review: Train to Busan

Last call for 2016 summer flicks! All aboard!

Today I’m here to make a review of a Korean movie any passer-by of this website should check out: Train to Busan. I mean we all love great zombie stuff, don’t we?

I have to be honest, it’s a film I didn’t see coming. A friend of mine talked to me about it and he was so excited to see it that I got carried away by his enthusiasm and I decided to check it out myself, without knowing what it was all about. From the trailer I had no clue it was a zombie movie. Which, by the way, I think that was a smart way to promote the film.

Zombie Movie Review- Train to Busan

So I went myself. The story line is quite simple, so even without reading much, I quickly figured out what it was all about. But you know what? That’s not really important because this movie is – I’m not afraid to say it –  a masterpiece. It’s a real blast!

You know when you think you got everything covered about a story (who/how/when/why), but the movie still surprises you in many ways? That’s what I felt leaving the theater.

The story is pretty simple: a work addicted divorced guy is in charge of bringing his eight year-old daughter to her mother taking the KTX train. As expected, father and daughter relationship is close to non-existent, and both feel embarrassed about it. On the same train we’ll meet a couple of old sisters, a college baseball team, a couple of soon-to-be parents, a businessman… You get the idea; these are pretty normal people.

The table setting here is not too long, not too short, and easy to understand. It begins with a great opening scene that gets everything is rolling.

Now fasten your seat-belts (too bad there are none in trains), because as soon as the cars doors shut we’re on the railway to hell!

We’ll follow the long and stressful way of the passengers of this train through South Korea, looking for a safe place to stop the train. That would be a city called Busan, which I guess you probably figured it out reading the title.

It’s a two hour trip full of railway stations and train cars filled with zombies, battles between selfishness and altruism, courage and cowardice, youth and old age.

One of the strongest points of Train to Busan has to be the characters; God I loved them all. The good and the bad we all well drawn, some will say without much shade, but maybe that’s where the strength of the casting lies. Every main character epitomizes an aspect of the behavior of the human being (kindness, courage, egoism, etc.). I was particularly impressed with the girl playing the eight year-old daughter. She is absolutely incredible.

The movie overall was well directed, the photography is so colorful (pretty rare in this kind of movie when you think about it), great special effects, and an amazing soundtrack, which I’m still looking to get my hands on.

I honestly can’t find anything to complain about in Train to Busan. Incredible, I never said to myself “what a dumb thing to do” or “I wouldn’t have done this or that”, which I almost always say in horror movies. I was so drawn into the action I couldn’t step back and reflect on what was happening in front of my very own eyes. I left the theater and I’m already looking for the Blu-ray release!

Train to Busan is a very original movie. You might think that two hours of zombies on a train would be boring, but I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the film.

4.5 zombie heads out of 5


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