Let’s Play Outlast – Part 8

In Part 8 of our Let’s Play Outlast series, I run around like an idiot while trying to escape from psychopaths, then run around in more circles while fleeing a new bad guy. Also, I have a couple fewer fingers now. Don’t miss it!



I’ve gone and edited it all into a video. Look out for it on Monday!


This is one of the darker parts of outlast…I am really interested what will happen next! Keep it up Dave!

BTW I subscribed to your channel!


To be honest, this new villain seems a little too comical to be as scary as that beef-cake with a 2×4 in the basement! I could actually imagine having a conversation or two with this guy!
Doctor:”You want to go out, and take a stroll? Go ahead, I’ll wait here! Go on, run free!”
Miles Upshur: ”Ah, I’d love to, but as you can see, I’m a little tied up with things at the moment!”
Doctor: ”Oh yes, totally forgot about that.”
(Doctor removes restraints)
Doctor: ”There you are, you can leave now!”
(Miles Upshur leaves)


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