Editor’s note: this review will contain some spoilers. I will try to keep them to a minimum, but they’re be there nonetheless. You’ve been warned.

Wow what a difference a week makes. Compared to last week’s putrid episode, All Tracks Lead to Terminus has seemingly redeemed Walking Dead.

The contrast in episodes can be striking. Characters, wardrobe to the look and feel of, well, everything seems to change. I suppose this is due to the long line of writers and directors that have come through but you would think there would still be more continuity in the series.

walking-dead-09_612x380 (1)
This episode still heavily showcased Daryl and Beth but managed to rewrite what happened last week in a positive way. We learned a little more back story with them and other survivors but nothing overlapped or was too tedious.
A new aspect of Daryl’s character development was the veteran badass actually made a mistake when he thought a dog was at the door. I don’t think this was a huge out of character mistake, so much as him letting his guard down a bit with Beth. It’s an odd story line that is developing between those two since at first they put her more at Carl’s age and now she seems to be heading in the direction of a love story with Daryl.

Another fairly drastic story line changing this season seems to be Rick taking less of a feature role in the show. I suppose this is a good change temporarily and good for the show as a whole as the world of the Walking Dead expands a bit more.

Overall, aside from two duds this season has been highly entertaining. I am curious to see where and what Terminus ends up being. I am certain it won’t be some perfect Haven and I hope somehow the entire groups ends up there.