‘The Walking Dead’: All Tracks Lead to Terminus

Editor’s note: this review will contain some spoilers. I will try to keep them to a minimum, but they’re be there nonetheless. You’ve been warned.

Wow what a difference a week makes. Compared to last week’s putrid episode, All Tracks Lead to Terminus has seemingly redeemed Walking Dead.

The contrast in episodes can be striking. Characters, wardrobe to the look and feel of, well, everything seems to change. I suppose this is due to the long line of writers and directors that have come through but you would think there would still be more continuity in the series.

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This episode still heavily showcased Daryl and Beth but managed to rewrite what happened last week in a positive way. We learned a little more back story with them and other survivors but nothing overlapped or was too tedious.
A new aspect of Daryl’s character development was the veteran badass actually made a mistake when he thought a dog was at the door. I don’t think this was a huge out of character mistake, so much as him letting his guard down a bit with Beth. It’s an odd story line that is developing between those two since at first they put her more at Carl’s age and now she seems to be heading in the direction of a love story with Daryl.

Another fairly drastic story line changing this season seems to be Rick taking less of a feature role in the show. I suppose this is a good change temporarily and good for the show as a whole as the world of the Walking Dead expands a bit more.

Overall, aside from two duds this season has been highly entertaining. I am curious to see where and what Terminus ends up being. I am certain it won’t be some perfect Haven and I hope somehow the entire groups ends up there.




totally agree!! I was freaking out thinking that Bob had lost Maggie and Sasha. The twist with those two showing up was so great.


A bit to much of an happy ending but I admit I’d have hate the episod to finish with bob maggie and sasha all separated.


It’s only 3 episodes away from the end of this season. I’m guessing the end will be when everyone finds the terminus, and then there’s an almost 2 year wait until AMC announces 5th season.

But, on other matters, I’m liking this Beth/Daryl relation. But I think they’re more like very close friends than love. I mean, Daryl is in his mid-thirties and Beth is like 22, 23. A big difference.


I was disappointed again by this weeks episode. After an entire episode, all that really changed was Daryl and Beth split up, and Maggie left a message for Glenn. The rest of it was pure padding for the sake of it.

This season started really well, mid season was great and now unfortunately its limping towards some sort of an ending.

I get the distinct impression they are dragging out what they originally had planned for the end of this season into next seasons main plot. TWD may be becoming a victim of its own success where they just want more episodes they can sell, rather than the quality content.


I know what you mean Mark but on the other hand the show may spend some time on characters now because IMO it could have been done earlier. Problem is that the previous seasons were a lot about Rick and how the others interact with him.

I sometimes, like you, feel it’s kind of fillers episods like ‘still’, but ‘alone’ was a good one in the way they can deal with both action and character developpement.

I also like the fact that we get to know Bob a bit more he seems to be an interesting one to me.

And boy I already said it but what a ridiculous introduction ! Bob roaming alone with an amazing background music made my day !


I’ve been really enjoying the character stuff. I love the action and nail-biting moments but I like that the show letting us look into the heads of the characters.

I know Maggie is obsessed with finding Glenn but I think it is because she needs something to hold on to. Her dad is gone for sure and her sister (in her mind) may be as well but Glenn is a survivor and has to be out there. I think he is her golden fleece at the moment. I kind of like that and expect her to finally break when she finds him.

I did not see the kiss between Sasha and Bob coming at all. My man made the point that both of them were trying to bride the other. Sasha kissed him to get him to stay and he kissed her to get her to leave. Both sides lost. I’m just really glad that they made some emotional strides and are a strong unit.

With Daryl meeting Joe and his group, I wonder where these last 2 episodes fit into the timeline. I’ve read in a few other places that some fans thought tht Daryl was with Joe and his group in the house where Rick was sleeping. If so, then this episode ends just as Rick’s episode is begining. At least it in the same few days and area.


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