The Walking Dead Review: Still

Editor’s note: this review will contain some spoilers. I will try to keep them to a minimum, but they’re be there nonetheless. You’ve been warned.

Editor’s note II:  I apologize for the lateness of this review. We had a sleet storm in Dallas and it brought everything to a halt for a few days. Especially reaching my Laptop at work. 

Still was far from a highlight in the archives of the Walking Dead TV show. It had action and featured one of the fans favorite characters in Daryl yet just didn’t deliver. This episode was a character featured episode giving us insight into Beth and Daryl. Mainly their past.



Character episodes focusing on the past can be interesting but Still didn’t make much sense for a few reasons. We’ve already had episodes on Dayrl’s past and due to the entirety of season 2, we are aware of every aspect of Beth’s past. Most importantly the way it was laid out in Still, it wasn’t very interesting nor was it meaningful. Beth wanted to do an adult thing and get a few drinks in. This ended up with her in a cabin wanting to play a drinking game with Dayrl. Before too long his painful past comes up and he throws an out of character temper tantrum that in no way matched his persona.



Aside from the odd aspects, I found myself constantly distracted by something unusual about this episode. Daryl’s hair is starting too look bizarre. He’s got this odd style going that doesn’t make any sense. Its a hair style befitting a Japanese teen yet is set on top of a tired looking man in his mid-forties. All too often it looked freshly poofed up which derailed me.

This episode had a lot of the same problems “Live Bait” had but more severe and far more directionless.

As a whole I love this season but I think we found our low point.



As the show ended we  had Daryl and Beth watching a cabin burn flipping it the middle finger. This was a weak method showing two characters moving on from their past and more fitting a 80’s teen movie.



Well I started last week review saying everything was allright, easily 4 or 5 stars since the very 1st episode… I’m 99% ok with your opinio Evan. “Still” is so far the worst episod (by far).

We didn’t need a full episod on Daryl and Beth as we previously have enough to figure them out as you said.

I’ll put the last remaining 1% on the fact that I’m french, I watched Stil in English… I didn’t get to fully understand every dialogues… This one is on me AMC…


Where this episode lost a few stars from me was that we learned NOTHING new and we have already had episodes that covered this.


What I’m more interested in is the story of the two girls, this is the same setup that happened with Ben and Bill in the comics, we know what happened there!


Just more filler from TWD at the moment. I’m growing concerned for the series each week at the moment.

I can see a Lost type situation happening where due to its own success, the story-lines get dragged out just so they can make another season. Personally I’d rather see them plan for a 6 seasons and done kind of approach like Breaking Bad. At least that way we get a proper ending, and fast paced, informative and exciting episodes right up to the end!


Great character development, odd pairing, glad they take a moment to fix themselves.
Doesn’t make sense that D would try and the help the kids after the whole barn thing, but if he is still “looking for his redemption” inside he has a long way to go.


I’m glad Daryl finally sanpped and let himself mourn the prison. Since Captives, I’ve been frustrated with his nasty attitude and I wonder if he’d be as cold if he was paired with any other character.

I think Beth was awkward in her search for alcohol but I get why she needed it. I was worried that they would take a romantic turn with them getting drunk and I cannot express enough relief that it did not go down that way. I’m not a huge shipper but so it’s not that but I do think it would just be wierd.

The argument was great but the rest was just OK. Although, moonshine salute is my new fave thing.

Did anyone watch The Talking Dead? Chris Hardwick was hilarious.


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