A Quick Update

Hey everyone, I just wanted to check in and let everyone know how I’m doing. I was hoping that I’d be able to recover easily without surgery, but that just wasn’t in the cards. Here’ how my lower leg/ankle looks now:

My X Ray

That’s one steel plate and seven screws. The long one that goes through both bones will likely be removed in about six months, which the shorter screws may say in, depending on how everything holds up.



Dammit Siabur you beat me to the joke! Looks like you got a good screwing Dave, feel better!


Slipped and fell while unloading my snowblower from my trailer on Dec 26th last winter. Broke my Fibula and was in a boot for about a month. I bitched at the time but that was NOTHING compared to your situation. Man you leg looks like some middle-school kids woodshop project! I also heard (Lets Play 5) that your trying to minimize your use of the pain meds. Good call, seems like EVERYBODY gets addicted to that shit these days. Hang in there and get well soon.


I’m definitely trying to minimize the pain medication; I don’t like taking much of that to begin with.

Thanks, Damage.


Hah, I actually asked the doctor about that. He said it would have to be an extremely sensitive metal detector.


I think the obvious solution here is for Dave to stop slipping.

You’re welcome


I pretty sure they could have use LEGO bricks (or maybe Technics) instead of the screws and plate.

Easier to remove and let’s face it… way cooler !

Good luck with the pain and I wish you a fast healing !


Dave, so tough he’d rust! 😀 Well, at least until those have to come out! 😀

How is your wife taking having to move with your leg in the state it’s in? She must either be clucky about you and your foot or getting some use out of it as a foot rest or a door stop! 😀


Nice metalwork there Dave 🙂
My metalwork had to be removed after about 6 months as one of the screws started to come out (I could flex my ankle and see the screw head) but I was told officially by a doctor that I had a screw loose 😀


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