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Hey everyone, just a quick update here. I’m feeling much better, although I’m still quite weak. I’m working on putting together next week’s comics, so you can look forward to that starting up again as normal.

As a bonus for this week, I have just published a new piece of Zombie Short Fiction. It’s called “Grace Period“, and was written by D.L. Snell, the same guy who did Pavlov’s Dogs. Check it out.



Glad your feeling better and that BOD will be back on line soon. And thanks for the new story, my productivity had been rising due to the absence of my normal distractions of the comic and forum and I don’t want to raise anyone’s expectations around here.

legomaster 3700

Did you turn into a zombie and back again like 5 times ? or are u still a zombie?


Good to hear you’re recovering! Now hop into it, but please, if you feel sick again, don’t hesitate to let us know! We’re here but you do this webcomic for no other reason than because you want to! 😉


Dave probably had a few too many zombies in the backend systems, you know how zombies can be when they get caught up in the machinery it all slows down to their level! 😀


It still seems kind of hit and miss. I’m not sure what the cause is. Certainly actions (posting comments, publishing articles, clearing spam, etc.) are taking a long time. Then I try back in a bit, and it works just fine.



It seems to be a bit better, when I posted that comment, it wasn’t so bad. Although now I’ve been hit with a flu bug IRL, so I can fully sympathize with your flu dramas you’ve been going through. 😀

I’m recovering, albeit slowly, hopefully I’ll get back to normal soon! 😉


Good to have you back on board Dave.

Oh and Greg… just clicked that you are Yatkuu… I started building the Winchester this weekend just been. 🙂 I have completed a good chunk of the first floor, but am short a bunch of tan bricks so waiting for a brick link order to show up. I am taking progress pics, and will share everything once completed.

Just wanted to say a thank you very much for making the instructions available, I was very excited to find them! I love Shaun of the Dead (and Lego) and I was pretty sad when Lego rejected the cuusoo project (although, I understand their reasons).



Hi Mad ! Thank you for the feedback, awesome.. another LEGO/Shaun fan!
When I see how CUUSOO is being managed today it does indeed seems obvious that the project never stood a chance. The rules however were not that clear in the beginning and many people (me included) were hoping that they were actually open to “new” ideas. Anyway, no regrets as it has been a great adventure.
Thank you for the kind words and please do keep us posted on your progress!


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