The Last Stand

This week’s game is The Last Stand. You play – you guessed it – a lone survivor in the midst of a zombie uprising. Luckily, these zombies seem adverse to direct sunlight, and only attack at night. You’re behind a more or less sturdy barricade, armed with whatever you’ve happened to find during the day (you start with a pistol). The zombies will slowly approach, and if you don’t take them out with a quickness, they’ll start pounding on your barricade.

You need to divide your time during the day between repairing the damaged zombie barricade, searching for other survivors, and looking for weapons. Other survivors are extremely helpful, providing additional firepower against the walking dead. On the other hand the other survivors don’t move, so they’ll only attack zombies within range. Your pistol is really underpowered, so you’ll want to upgrade as soon as possible.

Once you get a couple other survivors thinning the herd and a more powerful weapon, things get slightly easier. Of course, the zombies get stronger, faster, and more numerous every night. The zombies also get more diverse, with some that can run, others who are protected by body armor, and ever a few zombie dogs thrown in for good measure. Things get pretty interesting after a couple nights.

Click here to play (opens in a new tab for full screen).


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