Zombie Erik

Have you ever had on of those days that makes you want to shoot a zombie in the face? I know I have. In fact, most of my days are like that.

The only problem is when you want to play a game where you shoot a zombie in the face, you’ve usually got to worry about a bunch of other stuff. Like working with the game’s economy to allow you to buy bigger guns to make bigger holes in more zombies faces. Or protecting tag-along survivors. Or maintaining and improving your base. Or securing food and water.

After a while, it all starts sounding like work.

Zombie Erik gives you all the fun of violent asserting your dominance over the walking dead with none of the work. The game’s simple interface involves nothing more than pointing at the zombie (or skeleton, or armored ghoul, etc) with your pistol, and firing.

Rinse. Repeat.

You don’t need to worry about moving your guy around, upgrading weaponry, or even reloading. Granted, that means there isn’t a hell of a lot of depth, but that’s okay sometimes.

Click here to start blasting away (opens in a new tab).

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