Flaming Zombooka

You know what I enjoy? Physics-based flash games. You know, the ones where you control a gorilla and you have to fling a banana to hit a monkey, but it needs to be at just the right angle and speed. Unfortunately, there aren’t any physics games involving zombies that I could list on here. Or so I thought.

In Flaming Zombooka, you play a bazooka-wielding, sunglasses-wearing patriot, and your job is to rid the city of those pesky zombies. To do so, you’ll need to carefully lob your rocket propelled explosives into the mass of the walking dead, or at some vital lynchpin that’s keeping them suspended above a conveniently placed pit of spikes, or directly at an anvil sitting precariously about the zombies head, or… well you get the picture.

At the end of every level blood runs down the screen and you get a brief congratulatory message before moving onto the next horde of soulless abominations. The fun continues through quite a few levels. By the time you finish, your lust for blood should be quite sated.

Click here to starting ridding the world of zombies (opens in a new tab for full screen).

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